Property Management That Gives your Investment an unfair Advantage.

Our promise to you

Bluestone property management will maximum your returns and minimise the stress involved with owning an investment property or we will give you three months free management - no question asked - guaranteed!


Why You Should Consider Bluestone Property Management ?

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We don’t just Promise - We Guarantee it!!

There are many and varied reasons why securing a tenant can be difficult.From access for inspections, photos for advertising,outstanding defects and competition with similar brand new properties in the area to name a few.

Many clients tell us horror stories of agents regularly taking 6+ weeks(and as many as 16 weeks in one case) to secure their first tenant, some taking 7 days to even collect keys at handover.

While we do not accept these timeframes, invariably delays can happen beyond your control. To assist you to take the stress out of property investment,

We have developed our FastStart Cashflow Rent Guarantee as well as our FastStart SafetyNet 3 Year Rent Guarantee.

Our Rental Guarantees cost you nothing and guarantee you will receive income even when market conditions are unfavourable, whether it be

through periods of vacancy or lower than expected rental returns.

This is not just another clever marketing tool.... We put our money where our mouth is and back our dedicated staff to get the job done for you.

There are no gimmicks, no hidden costs and we certainly don’t charge you an additional monthly fee to cover it.

Does this mean we will just pick any tenant? No, our strict tenant selection criteria remain, and we will only bring you quality applicants we believe are suitable for your property.

While you are only able to take up one of the guarantees, both give you peace of mind when you purchase or transfer your investment property, and are offered exclusively by Bluestone Property Management.

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Rental Guarantee
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Maximise your returns and minimise your stress NOW!

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We Strive for the best results - Superior yields for you

This is a big statement but is backed by our commitment to you and performance guarantee.

We might not be able to control the market, but we do extract the most out of it.

Whether it be minimising risk, reducing outlays or increasing rents we aim to put more money in your pocket. We work tirelessly to care for one of your biggest assets like it was our own and provide you with the highest possible optimum return on your investment.

Setting the Optimum Rent Price

Setting an achievable rental price is one of the most critical decisions of any investment and can be costly if you get it wrong.
Many clients forget that it is the market that sets the price; not the agent, not the owner and is certainly not based on “the repayment figure for your loan” nor “what you were getting previously”.

Too many times we hear “but we need this much to pay the mortgage”. Whether it be reletting or renewal, we consider all market conditions when assessing rent including the likelihood of any vacancy period.

It is so important to ensure you and your property manager get the price correct.

The Smith’s listened to their property manager and followed the advice, The Jones ignored theirs and believed their property was worth more. As the market sets the price, inevitably the Jones had to reduce their rent, but not before missing out on 9 weeks income (or $3780) and having to inject their own money into the mortgage.

Vacancy is Lost Income and can never be recovered.

Also, be wary of the agent that claims they can get a higher than market rent for you. The reality is that no agent will get you more than the market is willing to pay. Our property managers are experienced in the local market and are the best informed to advise and assist you in determining a fair market rent for your property.

Our Fees – You get what you pay for!

Our tailored and transparent fee structure ensures you receive the maximum Net Return at a competitive price. You should NEVER choose a property manager purely based on price.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional,
wait until you hire an amateur.

The cheapest agent is always the one that generates the highest Net Return by working the hardest for you. While the Jones only paid 6% management fee the Smiths paid an industry standard fee (8%). The Smiths net return is greater as their agent worked harder for them.
You get what you pay for and we want to put as much money in your pocket as possible. The right property manager will earn you money, not just bank it.
Get Noticed – Why the Internet is so important
Gone are the days of wasting your money on a “For Rent” sign out the front. The internet allows people to shop 24 hours a day / 7 days a week without leaving their home or office. Professional presentation goes a long way to achieving a quicker optimum return. A small investment in professional photos mean more online views and more inspections, enhancing your properties online presence and is proven to rent your property quicker.

We never back down on our commitment

Fees are negotiable, service isn’t If you receive a cheaper quote on fees for a comparable level of service, we’d like the opportunity to match it?

Don’t sign anything before you talk to us!

Selecting the right Property Manager

Creating that long-term working relationship between you and your property manager is critical. While fees are important, treat this process like hiring a babysitter.

You wouldn’t give that responsibility to the cheapest person! You would interview them, ask questions, check their qualifications, experience, work history, location, references, etc.

Interview your potential property manager and find out everything about them, most importantly their industry and area knowledge.

Selecting the right Property Manager is one of the most important investment decisions you’ll make and can mean a difference not only to your overall returns, but also the enjoyment of your investment.

Over the last few years, Property Management has undergone a significant transformation and is now more than just rent collection, rather an essential dynamic investment service.

Ever increasing government legislation in Queensland ensures fairness for both owners and tenants alike, but with the legislation comes a greater onus on owners and agents to follow the requirements of these laws.

The rollout of the new Smoke Alarm Legislation by 2022 is a perfect example of ensuring you choose an agent who is trained, experienced and equipped to meet an ever-changing market.


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Matt has been professional and very easy to work with.

Clint Auty

“Mark clearly detailed the process of selling our house, he was very thorough and backed up a lot of his recommendations with stats. He assisted us from start to finish, including how to get our house “sale ready”, finding tradesman and professionals and even went shopping for plants to decorate…


When I am signing up with Bluestone Property Management, I am very satisfied with the offerings and services that have been provided to me. Bluestone Property Management is very professional and approachable. During on the most recent tenancy changes, they have also helped me getting new tenant as soon as…

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Danielle has looked after my rental from the start and has done a terrific job.  With their current knowledge of the property market, they keep you informed to stay ahead of the game to make the right choices and overcome the challenges – and in a fluctuating financial landscape this…

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I have been dealing with Bluestone Property Management for some years now and certainly struck gold when I met them. I am a property investment broker and property manager in Canberra, and I have sent all my clients to BPM without hesitating. They are extremely dedicated, hardworking and genuinely nice people.


Bluestone is managing our two rental properties for many years now and I couldn’t be happier the way they do it. Inspections are always done on time and full report is provided every time. They look after our properties like they are their own. Strongly recommended.


I have used the services of the Blue Stone property management for some years now, managing a number of my client’s properties. I have always found them efficient, easily contactable and focused on my client’s interests. I recommend their services to any future landlords seeking trustworthy property managers who specialise…