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What if my tenants don’t pay for water consumption?

The Residential Tenancy Authority allow tenants one month to pay tenant invoices like water. If they take longer that one month and the owner agrees then we can issue them with a breach notice. If the tenants fail to remedy the breach within seven days by paying the water and again with the owner’s permission we can issue the tenants with 14 days’ ‘Notice to Leave’.


If the tenants pay the water during this subsequent notice period, then the owner can rescind the ‘Notice to Leave’ allowing the tenants to occupy the premises for the remainder of the lease. Please find a bullet point below from the RTA website and link if you require confirmation or additional info.


As we are sure you can appreciate there are some disadvantages to putting tenants through the formal process, i.e. getting good tenants offside, so we need to consider all factors carefully, e.g. amount outstanding, time of the year, e.g. Christmas and are the tenants generally clean, tidy and easy to deal with plus do they pay their rent on time?


If the tenants are worthwhile keeping, we usually recommend owners give their tenants some leeway. Sometimes it better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t).


RTA Water charging fact sheet

  • Tenants have one month to pay the agreed amount for water consumption after the lessor provides evidence of the costs to the tenant. The lessor/agent can not require the tenant to pay more than the billable amount, or charge tenants late fees.